• Zhejiang Dafa adheres to the concept of "professional manufacturing excellence, quality creates value", through providing high-quality products and first-class services, scientific and stable development, and continuous enrichment and improvement of the core cultural value of "people-oriented", and regard social development as an enterprise It is the unshirkable responsibility in the development to achieve the long-term development goal of perfect combination of enterprise and market demand and social contribution.
  • Enterprise purpose: Responsible to employees, to the enterprise, and to society,
    Business philosophy: people-oriented, honesty, leading technology, global competition.
    Entrepreneurial spirit: Together in the same boat, dedicated and dedicated, thinking ahead in danger, surpassing oneself,
    Corporate style: strict and pragmatic, teamwork, dedicated service, fast and efficient.
    Core values: responsibility, innovation and transcendence.
    code of conduct:
    Love the enterprise, abide by the law, be honest and trustworthy, learn and innovate,
    Perform duties, unite and cooperate, produce safety, and be diligent and thrifty.
  • Suppliers of precision parts production must have strict production processes
    Such as: production standardization, modularization, and factory inspection standards, etc.,
    This is our advantage!
  • Dafa Gear has young and active young people in the pre-sales and after-sales
    Smiling service starts from the heart
    Answer industry questions for you and provide suitable solutions.

Development History of Dafa Gear

Brand story

  • 2016
    Develop new markets
    Dafa Co., Ltd. moved to the East High-tech Industrial Park of Wenling City, completed the technical transformation, and successfully formed 35 series of different product platforms to meet the needs of motorcycle gears, transmission gears, ceramic machinery gears, planetary reducer gears and special The rapid development of gears in the transmission system has opened up market competitiveness in an all-round way.
  • 2007
    Rapid growth
    The company has successfully opened 519, 5T20, 5T26, MT70, SH63, 63Z, 63E, 63J, 63K. Haima small sixth gear, GM small fifth gear, 78ZV, 78Z, SC and other automobile transmission gears. , Shanghai Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd., Shanghai Volkswagen and others.
  • 2004
    The company has succeeded in developing automobile transmission gears, and is supporting Geely Group and Shandong Lingong Group.
  • 2002
    Innovation and development
    Our company introduced computer-controlled heat treatment equipment (Aishelin production line).
  • 2000
    Speed ​​up
    The company introduced the automatic gear testing center P26C.P40C and the power tool grinding equipment SRS410. from Klingelnberg, Germany.
  • 1995
    Grow out of the cocoon
    The company expands to motorcycle gear products; successfully developed CG125 hour gear, GY6 input shaft, intermediate gear shaft set and final gear shaft assembly, and matched with Qianjiang Motorcycle, Jinan Qingqi, etc. Since then, our company has embarked on the road of specialized gear production.
  • 1988
    dream departure
    Established Zhejiang Dafa Gear Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in the production and processing of sewing machine parts, connecting rods and cams.

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