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Focus on high-end precision gears and provide high-quality services


Zhejiang Dafa Gear Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of gears for automobile and motorcycle gearboxes.

The company's fixed assets have reached 200 million, with an annual production capacity of 12 million pieces, and more than 400 sets of various equipment.

Possess production and measurement equipment from Germany, the United States and Japan, and has strong gear manufacturing and R&D capabilities

The "Dafa" gears produced by the company sell well in major OEMs across the country, such as Shanghai Automobile Transmission, Liuzhou SAIC, Shandong SAIC, Zhejiang Geely Transmission, Sanyang Motorcycle, Jincheng Suzuki, etc.

Designated supporting production units and excellent suppliers of well-known domestic enterprises;

It can meet the requirements of non-standard customization of high-precision gears.

  • Strong manufacturing strength

    Dafa's manufacturing base is equipped with advanced CNC processing equipment, heat treatment equipment and other processing equipment at home and abroad. It is one of the large-scale, advanced and comprehensive gear manufacturers in China. All modern equipment and management system, strictly control the production and manufacturing process, leading international technical conditions, and sophisticated manufacturing technology to ensure that the products are of high level.
  • Excellent product development capabilities

    In the rapid development of the company, we are committed to product quality control. We have established a product research and development center and a product quality testing laboratory to be responsible for the company's research plan. We also work closely with many leading universities and research institutions in China. We strictly control the quality of our products, and only the perfection of complete testing equipment can determine the level of product quality.
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment

    The company has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and experience in automobile transmission gears, mechanical engineering gears, engine gears, and light truck and heavy-duty transmission gears. With a complete set of technology, equipment and advanced testing methods, it provides sufficient guarantee for the manufacture of high-quality products.
  • Professional physical and chemical testing equipment

    We have a complete testing center equipment and equipment to ensure and provide high-qualified products. Our equipment includes: ZEISS coordinate measuring machine, Klingberg P40 gear inspection center, Klingberg P26C gear inspection center, Thermo Fisher 3460Ad spectrum analyzer, FUTURE-TECH automatic microhardness tester, Holmer optical instrument, Sampoong digital altimeter .
  • Perfect sales network and after-sales service

    Once the order is placed, a cross-departmental team will be formed to follow up the case; a sales specialist will also be assigned to be responsible for mass production arrangements, quality control, delivery and after-sales service.

Dafa precision gear processing factory, you can customize with pictures

Custom process

  • 01>

    Drawings and samples

    Customers can customize non-standard with drawings and samples.

    Provide the industry's perfect gear transmission solutions together

  • 02>

    Review quotation

    After the engineering staff approves the plan,

    Salesman quote follow-up

  • 03>

    Processing proofing

    Product processing proofing test

    Verify customer confirmation

  • 04>

    Mass production

    Mass production and processing according to samples

    Pack and ship after passing the test

Custom consulting

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