The company was established in March 1996, is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing automobile transmission gear, mechanical engineering gear, engine gear, light/heavy truck transmission gear, and so on.

Manager of the integrity of the commitment letter


The management staff solemnly promise:


1, strictly abide by and implement the "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law", "People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law", "Standardization Law", "Measurement Law" and other relevant laws and regulations.


2, earnestly promote the quality of corporate culture to create a culture of integrity, the implementation of care for staff needs.


3, management of production, sales, branding, after-sales service and other activities, so that the integrity of law-abiding, not fraud.


4, strict control and control of the product quality of the process, do not create nonconforming products, not to be unfounded goods posing as qualified goods, do not pretend to sell fake.


5, to ensure that products meet the requirements of the safety, health, health, environmental quality requirements.


6, to ensure that products meet the requirements of the safety, health, health and environmental quality requirements.


7, take the lead in the quality of integrity management, integrity work, take the initiative to actively promote and train subordinate employees.


8, according to the requirements of customers, to provide goods or services on the comprehensive, true and clear information and credentials; seriously implement the relevant laws and regulations, abide by their commitments, and effectively do after-sales service.


If you are concerned with the major quality problems caused by management errors, customer complaints, customer claims, employees and other major injuries, I am willing to accept the company and the state required to make the relevant treatment, the resulting legal and economic responsibility The


Zhejiang big gear Company Limited


Manager Commitment:


September 1, 2008