The company was established in March 1996, is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing automobile transmission gear, mechanical engineering gear, engine gear, light/heavy truck transmission gear, and so on.

Management policy


1. Enterprise quality integrity management principles Personnel letter-based, fine quality for the root, market-oriented, customer-centric


2. Policy formulation and promulgation

2.1 The quality of the company's operating principles by the top management and issued a formal release.

2.2 The policy through a variety of information channels such as training, information exchange, meetings, radio, newspapers, information, etc. to convey to all employees, distribution agents and terminal customer base, and through the target, the development of indicators, management program implementation and operation control Its implementation.

2.3 The policy can be obtained by the public and can be disseminated to the relevant parties through the relevant departments.


3. The content of the policy requirements

3.1 enterprise quality integrity management policy

3.1.1 The Company to implement the quality of integrity management approach to improve and achieve the fundamental way of customer satisfaction and direction, and through the specific quality of the integrity of the objectives and the implementation of quality credit management system to be implemented.

3.1.2 reflects the quality of integrity management laws and regulations related to the principles, and the company's development objectives to adapt to the company and departments for the quality of the integrity of the objectives of the development, assessment, validation, and so provide a framework.

3.1.3 to the quality of integrity management to meet customer requirements and social responsibility focus, fully reflects the commitment to customer demand. 3.1.4 The Company has continuously improved the effectiveness of the quality credit management system. Management review on the quality of the integrity of the principle of appropriateness, continuity and make the appropriate assessment, so that the sustainable development of the company's purpose, the quality of integrity management and meet customer requirements.

3.2 Assessment and revision of the policy

3.2.1 When the following conditions are met, the policy should be revised: a. Management review b. In the event of a major complaint, penalty and loss c. Significant changes in laws, regulations and related standards d. .2 by the top management responsible for the revision and release of the policy